Supporting brands across industries

Kezzler solutions provide leading global brands across industries, sectors and markets the product digitization and traceability tools they need to meet compliance requirements, gain supply chain visibility, and create dynamic end-user and circular experiences.

The Kezzler Connected Products Platform is designed to meet requirements for flexibility and speed for brands, enabling them to solve projects from basic product authentication to high volume, high-complexity traceability scenarios.

Future of fashion

Apparel & Textile

Automotive & Industrial


Cosmetics & Personal Care

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Pharmaceuticals (OTC)


Changing the game for smallholder farmers

By leveraging commonly available mobile technology and assigning individual products with unique, secure, and traceable Kezzler identities, small-scale farmers in India can now authenticate the provenance of their seeds before planting.

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Piet de Vriendt

Sr. Business Development Manager