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Collaborating with our global and regional partners, we expand the reach of our traceability-driven innovations, solving complex problems together. Join forces with us to create a powerful synergy, drive innovation, and achieve remarkable success in the tech industry. Together we transform possibilities into realities.

I firmly believe in the power of strategic partnerships with industry giants like Microsoft, Accenture, Rockwell Automation and Amcor. Our partners provide us with invaluable opportunities to showcase our innovative solutions and demonstrate how our products can seamlessly integrate with industry-leading technologies.

Robert Lillefloth, Chief Revenue Officer


Information sharing and transparency is one of the major enablers to achieving a sustainable circular economy and food system

Tove Andersen // CEO and President, TOMRA


Together with Accenture, brands benefit from our cloud-hosted SaaS traceability platform coupled with Accenture’s global reach and extensive experience in digital transformation, MES, and supply chain transparency.


Kezzler and Microsoft work together by bringing their depth of experience and respective areas of technical expertise to help companies realize native cloud-based, end-to-end product digitization, traceability, and supply chain excellence. 

Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation and Kezzler with our combined technologies help customers connect suppliers, manufacturing, logistics, and consumers into one real-time traceability platform. Together, we enable the Connected Enterprise by connecting the Digital Thread.


With Amcor, a world leader in flexible and rigid plastics packaging, we partner to apply unique identifiers to labels and packaging through pre-serialization. We offer brand owners new ways to provide individualized and interactive experiences for consumers.


Kezzler and Tomra, industry leaders driving innovation in supply chain transparency and sustainability. Both TOMRA and Kezzler share a vision of leading the resource revolution, through this partnership, TOMRA is able to explore and develop its position in the transition to a circular economy and optimize resource recovery and waste minimization opportunities in other industries within a rapidly shifting digital space. 


DNV and Kezzler combined have decades of experience and expertise assessing and managing risk along today’s ever-more complex, global value chains. The Kezzler platform enables the digitization of products, assets, supply chains, and ecosystems, which together with DNV’s assurance and risk management services allows transforming data into value and a source of trust for companies.


Kezzler is a Silver Solution Partner member, a designation signifying a commitment to delivering services and solutions that enable quick, efficient and accurate GS1 Standards implementation.

Kezzler is also partners with GS1 Norway, GS1 Singapore, and GS1 United States, all of which are part of the global GS1 organization but owned and managed at a local level.

Trimco Group

The partnership between Kezzler and Trimco Group forms a powerful alliance that will revolutionize the fashion industry. By offering a single, comprehensive platform that addresses transparency, labeling, and Digital IDs, the partnership helps brands meet regulatory pressures, engage consumers in new ways, gain supply chain visibility, reduce cost, and increase quality. It’s more than a solution – it’s a new way forward for the fashion industry.

Laetus Logo


Clients benefit from seamless connectivity between Kezzler and Laetus platforms, creating an integrated end-to-end traceability solution from two market leaders – from the factory floor to the cloud.



Through the partnership with Recycl3R brands get a structured, on-product service that delivers recycling and recyclability information and rewards for packaging recycling, to engage consumers and strengthen sustainability branding.

By combining our technology and expertise with Kezzler’s, we can quickly design and deliver a serialization solution customized to meet specific business requirements with advanced cloud-native software

Matt Fordenwalt // VP and GM, Systems & Solutions Business, Rockwell Automation

Let’s unlock new possibilities for growth, innovation, and success together.

Robert Lillefloth

Chief Revenue Officer

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