Use cases

Helping brands achieve compliant, secure, and transparent supply chains

Digitizing products enables key use cases at the individual item level: comply with regulatory requirements, power and enhance dynamic and personalized end-user experiences, deliver value chain visibility and efficiency and facilitate circular solutions.

Serving as the repository for all serialization and traceability data, the Connected Products Platform is built on a scalable and flexible architecture adaptable to meet our customers changing requirements, use cases and future needs.

Highly scalable and flexible with a rich set of APIs, the platform provides easy integration into customers’ existing IT/OT architectures. It helps brands solve everything from basic product authentication to high-volume, high-complexity traceability use cases.

End-user experiences


Regulatory compliance

Supply chain visibility

Circular solutions

The Digital Product Passport

The European Union will soon require certain products sold in the EU market to have a digital product passport.

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