Power circular transformation

Extend and renew the lifespan of resources – through transparent return, resale, reuse, repair and recycle initiatives: circular solutions made possible with unique digital IDs and traceability.

The full life cycle of products and circular solutions

Resources don’t last forever, but they can go further and live longer. Follow the full life cycle of products and action the data at each stage to close the circle by creating circular solutions. The Kezzler Connected Products Platform can support and create a trust for secondary market use cases like re-commerce, build resale, reuse and rental-based business models, enable returns tracking, fuel efficient recycling systems, simplify and incentivize recycling, and capture data for better insights and decision-making.

Incentivize recycling & circular solutions

Packaging has more to offer than protecting and branding products. It can help reduce a product’s climate impact by offering low-carbon packaging with waste management instructions. Through digital IDs, brands can incentivize, encourage and instruct consumers on how to recycle.

Secondary market

Enable consumers to see the entire lifecycle of a product, including care instructions, repair history, and allow for authenticity verification. This transparency and trust-building can help brands foster stronger connections with customers, driving repeat business and increasing profitability. And with the potential to charge royalties on secondary market sales, brands can further promote circular solutions and sustainability, all while driving revenue.

Care and repair

Assigning a unique Digital ID to a product allows for easy access to care instructions and repair solutions. An approach that promotes a circular economy and reduces waste, while also fostering a more transparent and efficient supply chain. By embracing Kezzler’s Connected Products Platform, brands can meet the demands of today’s conscious consumers and build a more sustainable future.

The right to repair

When EU decision-makers discuss the European Union’s Green Deal and regulatory moves toward sustainable practices, it’s about the supply side. That is, what do green moves mean for manufacturers and brands? What will they need to do to comply? Compliance is critical to ensure sustainable manufacturing and responsible resource use.

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Frederic Clulow

General Manager Americas

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