Dynamic and interactive end-user experiences

Today’s conscious and connected consumers are driven by a new set of demands and expectations around brand transparency and access to product information.

The connected product

Meet consumer demands and expectations for brand transparency and enhanced product and end-user experiences. The Kezzler Connected Products Platform can help deliver direct communication between your brand and the end user. Connected, personalized, and context-driven product experiences in real-time, increased consumer loyalty and rewards, and first-party data for better insights and decision-making. The Kezzler platform offers a flexible data set made available through customizable APIs built to ensure the optimal consumer experience.

Recycling Products Concept. Organic Cotton Recycled Cloth. Zero

Enhanced experience

Whatever the sales channel, connected products act as a brand-owned digital marketing channel to deliver in-depth information about the product’s origin, contents, journey, and sustainability story including recycling guidelines. It allows the brand to communicate key information about the product directly to consumers.

Build lasting relationships

Deliver consistent and meaningful value in a convenient way to build long-lasting relationships. Our platform allows brands to easily implement consumer engagement and retention programs directly through the product. With access to customized datasets on product, batch, and unit levels, brands can build programs on top of our rich set of APIs.

Always on

Value-added content is delivered on the product itself, in real-time, and based on the actual interests of the consumer. As a result, brands can stay relevant in the moments that matter, traditional marketing can’t keep up in the same way.

Last-mile data

Irrespective of the place of purchase, connected products provide brands with last-mile data and new insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and product interaction. With improved consumer insights, brands can implement agile marketing strategies and quickly identify opportunities to improve consumer acquisition/retention.

Friso infant formula: Driving consumer experiences

Safe, authentic, sustainable FRISO infant formula products reach consumers through the Kezzler-powered TrackEasy solution.

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