A platform for managing digital product identities, lifecycle events and dynamic interactions

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the Platform

Purpose-built to meet your requirements

The Kezzler Connected Products Platform, a world-leading, cloud-based platform for product traceability, is purpose-built to capture the entire lifetime of each product and every event in its journey. Connected products, powered by secure digital IDs at scale, become smarter products, updating in real time with event data throughout their journey through the supply chain.

Different users and systems can interact with the connected product at any point in the journey through the Connected Products Platform. The collected data leads to valuable insights, as silos between systems come down and previously unlinked data connects to deliver a compliant, secure, and transparent supply chain.

The Connected Products Platform meets requirements for flexibility and speed for brands across industries. It delivers item-level identification at a massive scale, traceability functionality with standardized integrations with brands’ existing IT infrastructure, the ability to customize data models and consolidate data across siloed systems, and a customizable gateway layer.


USD value of goods digitized last 12 months


connected products as of 2022


transactions daily for a single client


countries with activated products in the market


Key features

Customized integrations

Through a powerful and flexible integration gateway, the Connected Products Platform can securely interact with virtually any centralized or decentralized system, on-premise or in the cloud.

Power of choice

Choose the optimal code carrier for your projects – like RFID, 2D barcode, data matrix, QR code, NFC, and more – in any combination to fit all supply chain and market needs.

Connecting siloed systems

Elevate information you may already have somewhere in the organization and structure and analyze the data and use it to help you meet consumer and governmental reporting requirements.

Massively scalable

From the ground up, the Connected Products Platform is built for scale. Our clients track and manage billions of products a year, each with their unique journey and data.

Non-intrusive deployment

Expand what you know, not what you do. You can start collecting and structuring data today, without changing or adding any manual processes for your colleagues.

Product in focus

You may have various systems managing resources, processes, or facilities. Our platform extracts relevant information from these systems, enabling the full story to be told – with your product in focus.

Full data ownership

The data is yours. Always. We help you locate it, and structure it for the products you produce and sell, facilitating dynamic consumer engagement with your connected product.

Dynamic interactions

With powerful and dynamic redirection rules, you can make sure everyone interacting with your products ends up with an optimal experience.

EPCIS 2.0 and the interoperable future

The supply chain of the future demands a universal language for sharing data. That is, interoperability of data throughout the supply chain. Universal standards for expressing and interpreting data underpins making supply chains more transparent and traceable. 

Get in touch to explore the possibilities with our Connected Products Platform.

Simen Kjellberg

Chief Product Officer

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