Food & Beverage

Bring transparency to the table with supply chain traceability

Manage increasing legislative requirements and consumer expectations for transparency and sustainability for food and beverage products.   

Prepare to digitize food & beverage products

Product digitization lets brands associate a unique digital ID with each food or beverage item and follow it throughout its lifespan. The digital ID connects the brand to the product, enabling supply chain visibility to ensure product authenticity and sustainability. Insight from the captured data helps deliver key value for brands in several ways, from combating food fraud and counterfeiting to ensuring consumer safety and easing recalls. 

Farm-to-fork traceability

Traceability technology plays a crucial role in combating food fraud by providing clear visibility throughout the entire food chain. Track the origin, journey, and destination of food & beverage products, establishing a reliable chain of data encompassing sourcing, production, processing, packaging, storage, and distribution.

Confidence in food & beverages

By harnessing the power of traceability technology, brands can strengthen consumer trust and confidence. By having complete visibility and gathering essential data from every step of the supply chain, brands can empower consumers to make informed food choices, providing them with visibility into the quality and sustainability of the food they consume.

Efficient recalls

A precise location of items within the supply chain enhances the speed, ease, and precision of recalls when necessary. By having shared data standards, including mandatory information for food products, brands can significantly contribute to eradicating fraud and effectively managing food safety on a larger scale.

Tap into the data

First-party data helps enable circular consumption models and waste reduction throughout the value chain. The data also delivers customer insight for better targeting and personalization, and more interactive, informative experiences. 


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Sr. Business Development Manager

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