Future of fashion

Give your apparel brand a unique identity

Gain visibility into your complex supply chains and apparel life cycles, comply with circularity mandates, and create potential one-on-one relationships with every customer, garment by garment. 

The digital ID and apparel

Product digitization technology lets brands associate a unique digital ID to each garment or item at the point of manufacture. The digital ID maintains a connection between the brand and the garment from the moment raw materials arrive at a factory to a shopper selling a pre-loved garment in an online marketplace. That connection helps deliver key areas of measurable value for brands.


Guarantee the authenticity of apparel items to protect the brand and give consumers peace of mind. Prevent grey market diversion and unauthorized sales by helping control distribution channels.


Gain insight into what’s happening on the production floor and improve your understanding of the entire production process. Trace the provenance of materials and labor to ensure transparency and ethical sourcing for compliance reporting and consumer safety reasons.

First-Party Data

The first-party data collected through the entire process enables tapping into consumer behavior and preference insights that can, by extension, be spun into dynamic, interactive and relevant experience for consumers.

Solution Briefs

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Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe

SVP Retail & Apparel