Smart, Sustainable Supply Chains for Big Retail

Unleash the power of data-driven retail with the Kezzler Connected Products Platform. Revolutionize your supply chain management across grocery, apparel, DIY, and consumer electronics.

data visibility challenges in traditional systems

Break free from siloed data and limited visibility. Kezzler unlocks efficient inventory management and drives exceptional customer and partner satisfaction.

Kezzler offers seamless integration 

Unify your data ecosystem with Kezzler’s integration platform. Connect existing systems and orchestrate billions of data points from suppliers, warehouses, and stores. Leverage industry standards like EPCIS 2.0 and GS1 Digital Link for unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in event storage and B2B interactions.

Real-time data utilization with advanced technology

The Connected Products Platform utilizes patented technology to hold all critical data in real-time, providing unprecedented access to detailed information compared to traditional systems that archive data periodically. Read more about our platform.

Boost the bottom line

  • Optimize: Reduce costs by streamlining your operations and eliminating redundancies.
  • Unify: Capture all critical events from every touchpoint – stores, warehouses, logistics, and suppliers – into a centralized, accessible repository.
  • Unlock: Gain complete visibility and real-time insights into your inventory levels, minimizing stockouts, overstocks and waste.
  • Drive: Deliver a seamless customer and partner experience by ensuring consistent product availability and fulfilling every order accurately and efficiently.
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Join the big retail revolution

The Kezzler Connected Products Platform is in use by some of the largest retailers in the world, delivering:

Real-time, intelligent supply chain management: Make informed decisions in a sub-second query environment.

Disruption management: Anticipate challenges with the help of data across your entire ecosystem.

Democratize your data: Deploy a centralized standards-based event store providing analytics across departments.

Kezzler & Migros:
Pioneering the Next Wave of Supply Chain Excellence

What type of retailer are you?

Are you affected by the FSMA 204 regulations?

FSMA Rule 204 intends to create a more transparent supply chain. As a part of the Smarter Food Safety initiative, the rule encourages companies in the food value chain to invest in digital traceability technology. Read more about the enhanced food traceability rules:

THE connected products platform

Breaking down silos, ensuring governance and security, and fostering collaboration for a data-driven future

Break down data silos: Unlocking the power of your data for actionable insights

Ensure data governance and security: Maintaining control and protecting your valuable information

Enable collaboration: Accelerating the transition to being a data-driven business

Build a modern, sustainable supply chain with Kezzler. Contact us today to explore how we can empower your business.

Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe

Chief Commercial Officer

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