Visibility from the factory floor to the end customer

Power circularity, safety and product authenticity for your automotive & industrial enterprise. Linking supply chain and factory traceability in a common repository. 

Shift digitization into high gear 

At Kezzler, we understand the unique challenges faced by the automotive & industrial goods industries. Our traceability solutions empower businesses to optimize processes, mitigate risks, and deliver exceptional products that meet regulatory requirements. Harnessing the power of digital IDs, we enable businesses to achieve end-to-end traceability of goods throughout their lifecycle.


Streamlined data

Ensure real-time visibility and streamlined data collection from sourcing, through manufacturing, distribution, and beyond. In the Connected Products Platform, all relevant data is stored in purpose-built data structures. The platform captures the entire lifetime of every product and is designed to meet the requirements for scale, flexibility, and speed of any customer, industry or market, including the automotive & industrial sector.

Supply chain optimization

Safeguard your brand reputation by preventing the circulation of unauthorized or counterfeit goods, reinforcing consumer trust in your products. Simplify recall processes and enable targeted actions with precise identification and retrieval of affected products.

The Battery Passport

As per the new EU Battery Regulation, a mandatory Battery Passport will serve as an electronic record that stores crucial information about the battery through its entire lifecycle. Kezzler’s Connected Products Platform enables cell and battery manufacturers to participate in end-to-end traceability across the entire battery value chain to maintain regulatory compliance as well as realizing business critical enhancements to product quality and operations efficiency.

Honeywell fights counterfeits

With contributions from Brady, Kezzler and Honeywell Authentication Technologies, we were able to leverage each company’s expertise to create a fully integrated solution that aligns with the product’s unique needs. This labeling and tracking program was a much-needed resolution, especially considering the large volume of the product manufactured and shipped globally.

Garth Zambory, Business Development Manager for Honeywell.

It all started with a bolt

In 1989, a fatal plane crash outside of Denmark killed all on board. The cause: counterfeit bolts that could only bear about 60% of their intended breaking strength. From this tragedy, Kezzler was born. Our journey started with combating counterfeit bolts for aircraft and the core of the solution, product digitization and traceability, still forms the foundation of what we do today.

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Piet De Vriendt

Sr. Business Development Manager

Industrial leader improves maintenance and repair processes

Kezzler-powered solution using QR codes helps to identify the right spare parts, reduce equipment downtime, and improve maintenance and repair processes.

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