Building a transparent beauty, cosmetics & personal care industry

Personalize consumer relationships and build loyalty while deepening the verifiable commitment to circular, sustainable beauty, cosmetics & personal care products. 

Digitize at the item level

Product digitization technology lets brands associate a unique digital ID to each beauty, cosmetics & personal care item at the point of manufacture. The digital ID follows the item throughout its journey, gathering data while maintaining the connection between the brand and the item’s full life cycle, which helps deliver measurable value for brands. Unique digital IDs give brands an easier way to reduce the complexity of end-to-end, item-level traceability, which can solve a number of critical business challenges.

Gain consumer trust

Unique digital IDs enable access to certified data to provide proof of origin, demonstrate cruelty-free products and justify any sustainability claims. Verifying authenticity enables brand protection for consumer safety and prevention of grey market imports and product diversion.

Build lasting loyalty

Traceability and unique digital IDs offer cosmetics & personal care brands the ability to build consumer trust and loyalty. Trust boosts revenue and long-term consumer relationships.

Access valuable insights

With a wealth of first-party data, brands can source valuable insights to create dynamic, personalized cosmetics & personal care experiences. Insight also leads to targeted marketing and personalization for consumers while shifting to circular consumption models and reducing waste. 

The beauty behind traceability

If you are a beauty or personal care brand looking to level up your traceability technology, read Kezzler’s latest e-book. Find out how to meet the coming regulatory, sustainability, and consumer-demand challenges with our cloud-based Connected Products Platform.

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Piet de Vriendt

Sr. Business Development Manager

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