Comply with current and future regulatory requirements

As governments globally introduce legislation for product and supply chain transparency, achieve regulatory compliance with record-keeping, traceability and reporting requirements with ease. 

Traceability for regulatory compliance

Regulations change all the time, and the right traceability technology makes compliance easier. The Kezzler Connected Products Platform can help deliver compliance with mandates, such as the European Union’s Digital Product Passport, the US Food and Drug Administration’s FSMA 204, digital tax stamps, and industry, and market-specific requirements. The platform captures the entire lifetime of every product and is designed to meet the requirements for scale, flexibility, and speed of any customer, industry, or market.

Independent and agnostic platform supports regulatory compliance

As a part of these legislative and regulatory mandates, manufacturers are required to serialize, aggregate, and report to different governments and agencies in line with country and region-specific legislative measures. The scalable and flexible architecture is adaptable to meet our customers’ changing requirements and future needs. Carrier, cloud, and code agnostic.

Built for scale

Kezzler’s Connected Products Platform facilitates the provision of digital IDs and the collection of relevant data through integrations with manufacturing execution systems (MES), or manual product activations. Key proprietary and patented technology components give the Kezzler platform virtually unlimited scalability. This enables the handling of massive amounts of data.

Are you affected by the FSMA 204 regulations?

FSMA Rule 204 intends to create a more transparent supply chain. As a part of the Smarter Food Safety initiative, the rule encourages companies in the food value chain to invest in digital traceability technology. Read more about the enhanced food traceability rules:

The Digital Product Passport

Certain products sold in the EU market will soon require a digital product passport. Download this white paper to learn more about regulatory compliance, the added benefits of traceability, and why companies should start preparing today to meet the upcoming regulations and access your own DPP checklist.

Digital Product Passport: Aligning with the EU Green Deal

Watch the webinar recording and delve into the role of unique digital identities for textiles in meeting the ambitious goals of the European Green Deal. Discover how to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds while enhancing supply chain transparency, consumer trust, and brand value, all in line with the EU’s sustainability agenda.

We will help you comply with current and future regulatory requirements.

Eric Lequenne

Business Development Director Partnerships

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