Kezzler Joins CIRPASS-2, Pioneering the Future of EU’s Digital Product Passport


by Henrikke Sylte

Woman holding phone with transparent screens surrounding her, Kezzler

In a landmark move set to revolutionize product traceability and sustainability in the European Union, Kezzler, a front-runner in digital product identity solutions, is delighted to announce its inclusion in the prestigious CIRPASS-2 lighthouse pilots. 

This initiative, a continuation of the successful CIRPASS project, is an EU-funded endeavor aiming to harmonize the approach toward the EU’s digital product passport (DPP) focusing on compliance and extensive product traceability. Scheduled to commence in the second quarter of 2024, the CIRPASS-2 pilots represent a significant leap forward in standardizing digital product passports, following the conclusion of the original CIRPASS project in March 2024. 

Kezzler’s participation in this project underscores its commitment to pioneering innovations in product sustainability and traceability. In collaboration with two prestigious fashion clients, Kezzler will implement a live deployment of its Connected Products Platform during the CIRPASS-2 pilots. This platform is designed to endow individual garments with unique digital identities, thereby facilitating the collection and sharing of critical data among various stakeholders. 

This initiative is pivotal in enhancing insights into the complex post-purchase circularity value chain, a challenging aspect of modern retail and sustainability. Christine C. Akselsen, CEO of Kezzler, expressed immense enthusiasm about the company’s involvement in CIRPASS-2. “At Kezzler, we are passionately committed to aiding brands in their journey to become sustainability frontrunners in their respective industries. The opportunity to participate in CIRPASS and execute DPP pilots on a large scale in real-world settings is a testament to our capabilities in addressing the challenges associated with ESPR and DPP. We are excited to demonstrate how Kezzler can be an invaluable asset to brands aiming to innovate and lead in sustainability.” 

Kezzler’s engagement in the CIRPASS-2 pilots not only highlights its dedication to sustainable innovation but also positions it at the forefront of digital product identity technology. This collaboration is a stepping stone towards a more sustainable and traceable future, aligning with the EU’s vision of a greener, more transparent product lifecycle. 

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