Supply Chain Visibility

Distribution is a complex business.
Kezzler simplifies the challenges and presents new opportunities.

Retrieve logistical data in seconds, while complying with industry demands and embracing consumer needs, from point of departure to the last mile. Moreover, you’ll help deliver leaner operations.

Total supply chain control

Our approach delivers extreme scalability and high performance at low cost. Beyond traditional Track & Trace, adding a kezzlercode gives you the intelligence to reduce inventory shrinkage and waste. You’ll lead on security, decreasing risk and insurance premiums. You’ll benefit from pinpoint product recall, saving money and reputation

Serialisation; Aggregation

Use kezzlercodes in barcodes, RFID tags and IoT tracking units

Answers for aggregation

  • Provides strategic recall capability
  • Solutions for cold chains and sensor data
  • Supports EPCIS and Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) formats

Pallets and containers full of your products are easily tracked with our system. All you really need is the internet. By scanning one unique, top-level kezzlercode, each contained product is automatically tracked.

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What are the challenges solved by Track & Trace?

Supply chains in all sectors are challenged in serving the global market, driving out costs, becoming more strategic, and addressing capacity and resource constraints, all while managing the exacting needs of industry-specific cargo. Increasing interest in healthy food and a growing middle class in locations such as China are extending distribution chains to global proportions. Consumers now demand higher-end products, such as Alaskan salmon, that must travel often vast distances and ship quickly to ensure freshness and quality.

Why is this the time to implement your own Track & Trace solution?

Serialisation and Track & Trace of each individual product is expected to become the norm in many industries going forward. It is already, or very soon will be mandatory in the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries. And the added value of Serialisation and Track & Trace is even bigger for Food and other FMCG products as Transparency and Consumer Engagement are two of the most important factors in re-thinking their value chains. It is also ahead of the game for the disruptive forces taking place in e-commerce and the ‘last mile of distribution’.

Can I pick and choose my solution?

You can with Kezzler. Opt for an all-in-one solution from us or adopt a modular approach with options covering serialisation, aggregation and Track & Trace. It’s also easy to integrate our solution with other Track & Trace systems.

How does Kezzler help with product recall?

Our solution ensures the link to a brand is never broken, from manufacturing all the way to the consumer. If a product is causing an issue in the market, a quick scan reveals its history. There might be nothing wrong with the batch, only one leg of transportation, for example, saving you vast costs trying to put right what isn’t wrong. Or if a specific batch needs recalling, you know exactly where these products are in your distribution chain and can begin minimising damage.