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Structured datasets across the supply-chain

Collect product data from sourcing to consumption and recycling. The data model is adaptable to be able to collect exactly the data you want. Information is stored in easily accessible and structured data sets reducing the time and cost from data to insights.

The data can be delivered through customized daily reports, dashboards or through integrations with external data lakes. The Kezzler platform enables easy reporting to authorities and government compliance via integrations and reports.

Graph of the kezzler ecosystem, connected to the Brand Owner, the Consumer, Logistics and Production.

How it works

Collect Data

Collect customizable and highly structured data-sets.


Near real-time overview through Dashboard and flexible reports.

Gain Insights

Drive better decisions through new insights. Adjust and improve.

Map of the world showing the journey of products with the possibility to make alerts and reports.

Dashboard for near real time monitoring. Kezzler ‘s reporting is highly customizable to meet the information demands of our clients. We understand that every customer has different visibility needs.

Alerts & Reporting examples:
  • Production reports on a factory at hierarchy, batch/SKU or individual level
  • Market validation uptake in time and geography
  • Validation event heatmaps
  • Adverse event reporting (authentication of products outside of their authorized geographies or rejected products at the line).


Map of the world with the mention of Kezzler's API Supply Chain Geo tags integration.

A flexible API provides integration for external Business intelligence solutions and Data lakes. The data set can be customized, making it easy to correlate the production, logistics and consumer data with other available data sources.

Government Reporting

Graph of kezzler's reporting technology, allowing to comply with the relevant authorities.

The flexible data reporting modules can be used for both internal and external purposes. An increasing number of countries are implementing traceability compliance, and our platform is ready to meet the requirements including reporting on unit level.

Insights for the Enterprise

New potential growth areas message
Trends and improvements message
Logistics & Operations
  • State of play – glabally and regionally
  • Potential growth areas
  • Improved end-to-end efficiency
  • Historical trends for planning
  • Detect and investigate deviations
Sales and Marketing
  • Local and global consumer trends
  • Opportunities to improve acquisition/retention
Generic line graph of global and local trends.
Deviation detection message
Improvement suggestions message
Brand/Product Owner
  • Consumer driven product improvement
  • Early warnings of deviations
  • Detect and investigate deviations
  • State of play – locally and regionally
  • Compare effectiveness of production over time and variations between plants and factory systems
Generic comparison of manufacturing sites.

Why Kezzler?

Independent, flexible specialist provider