Brand Protection

Stop counterfeit products and illicit trade, give each of your products their own digital identity in mass volume and at low cost. Protect your reputation, revenue and consumers.

Military-grade encryption

Use kezzlercodes in either barcodes or NFC tags

More than a serial number

Using our intelligent technology, a kezzlercode shines a light on every black market. It’s a unique code, assigned to a product forever. It can’t be hacked, even with a supercomputer. And a fake kezzlercode always gets detected.

Trusted in milliseconds

  • Patented technology for cost-saving pre-serialisation of packaging
  • Handles the largest stock keeping units (SKUs) at speed

Consumers can verify their kezzlercode instantly to make sure their product is genuine. Among 100 billion of our codes, verification is done in milliseconds.

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What is brand protection?

Brand protection stops fake goods that mimic your products from appearing on the market. It’s also about protecting your consumers and long-term revenue. Lost reputation and consumer trust are far more damaging than the immediate effect of illicit trade.

Do fake goods really affect sales?

Significantly so. Studies by the EU Intellectual Property Office estimate that 7.4% of all EU sales are lost annually because of fake goods in the marketplace. While the study was based on nine major sectors, no industry is safe.

Which illegal activities can Kezzler help prevent?

Counterfeiting – fake products pretending to be genuine ones – and more. Kezzler also helps safeguard against contraband, genuine products smuggled from abroad, and ‘illicit whites’, legitimately manufactured brands which are intentionally sold on the illegal market. Our platform will also identify parallel imports. These, although not necessarily illegal, do affect brands’ margins.

Can I use Kezzler for my sector?

To date, we’ve protected a spectrum of products globally, from consumer goods to industrial products; over the counter medicines to high-value prescription drugs. Kezzler is highly secure and affordable and we are able to create trillions upon trillions of codes and connections. We see a day when every product on the planet is digitally unique and interactive.