Industrial leader improves maintenance and repair processes

Quick response (QR) for right time, right part, right data

Kezzler-powered solution using QR codes helps to identify the right spare parts, reduce equipment downtime, and improve maintenance and repair processes.

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A well-known multinational heavy equipment and engines corporation operates in a highly competitive industrial landscape and sought ways to differentiate its offer and deliver more tailored customer services.
To provide better service to their customers, the company provides various apps that provide customers with oversight into their heavy machinery fleets and assets. These apps offer information on fleet status, fleet maintenance and repair, identifying broken parts, and more.

Solution overview and key elements

Image source: Kezzler
Kezzler TrackApp

More than 3,000 (and growing) of the company’s employees worldwide rely on Kezzler TrackApp, a lightweight tool that enables simple and rapid deployment of aggregation and tracking, to connect the company’s extensive heavy-equipment, ensuring prompt maintenance and support of their products.

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