FrieslandCampina achieves grass-to-glass traceability

Kezzler - Problem Solving
From grass to glass, FRISO rises to customer demands

Safe, authentic, sustainable FRISO infant formula products reach consumers through the Kezzler-powered TrackEasy solution.

One of the world’s largest dairy companies, FrieslandCampina, tackled the problem of infant formula safety in China and Hong Kong with a global traceability solution, powered by Kezzler technology.

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According to a FRISO-commissioned survey by Nielsen, 93% of mums in Mainland China and Hong Kong found that current information on product packaging is insufficient, and they often need to search for more. The Chinese government has put substantial effort into improving their Food Safety systems in general and for infant formula in particular. From a global perspective, we see more and more countries increasing their attention to traceability.

Perfect Traceability can reduce recall losses by more than 90%

Friso TrackEasy Solution
Image source: Royal FrieslandCampina
FRISO TrackEasy

FrieslandCampina aims to bring safe and sustainable products to its consumers. With the TrackEasy solution, they do just that. Consumers can scan the FRISO products using their phone and experience the grass-to-glass journey of the exact product in hand. They can check authenticity, learn more about the origin and be rewarded for their loyalty whilst eliminating concerns regarding fraudulent products in-market.

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