Digitising food products for a safer future

We bring transparency into the world of food, giving every single product its own digital DNA.


The food industry is challenged by the increasing demand for greater transparency and consumer engagement. Kezzler solutions achieve transparency cost-effectively.


Kezzlercodes prevent fraud, allowing you to see where exactly your product is in the supply chain and enabling brand owners to talk directly with their end consumers.

Brand Protection

It is vital for consumers to know the product is authentic. Kezzlercodes provide visibility from point of production to entering the market.

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Supply Chain Visibility

You can check exactly where your product is in the supply chain at any one time, optimising distribution to reduce inventory shrinkage and waste.

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Consumer Engagement

Enhance consumer trust and engage end users directly with purchase-based programs. Create a two-way, real-time dialogue and reward
customers personally.

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Food specific benefits

  • ‘Field to table’ traceability
  • Real-time inventory check
  • Highly efficient recall capability
  • Validation in under a second
  • Safe food exports
  • Data-driven consumer insights