Kezzler Named as an IDC Innovator in Food Traceability Technology


by Courtney Smith

Packaged nut butter as a CPG.

We are proud to announce Kezzler has been named as an IDC Innovator in the IDC Innovators: Food Traceability, 2024 report.

The increased emphasis of traceability in the food and beverage industry has been driven by consumer demand for safety, transparency, and sustainability as well as global regulations that push for practices that deliver complete visibility along the entire food value chain. Due to these demands and regulations, innovation in food traceability is paramount for the industry.

We believe recognition in the report is a testament to Kezzler’s leading role as an innovator in the food traceability space, offering proven solutions and technology that handle both the scalability and complexity that food and beverage supply chains demand. Kezzler’s Connected Products Platform represents a new, robust, and innovative approach that helps gather the relevant data for required reporting while continuously aggregating data throughout a product’s lifetime, from “farm to fork.”

Enhancing transparency and achieving full supply chain visibility is increasingly important for all stakeholders in the food value chain, from producers to distributors and end customers. Adopting technologies that ensure product authenticity, help meet regulatory requirements, and increase operational efficiency will be crucial in meeting consumer needs and preferences in a rapidly evolving landscape.”

– Federico Mayr, Senior Research Analyst, IDC Health Insights 1

We look forward to collaborating further with food and beverage industry leaders, helping their businesses to stay compliant with traceability requirements, whilst empowering them with data-driven decision making to drive operational efficiency, food safety, and waste reduction.

Contact us for more information about Kezzler´s Connected Products Platform.

About IDC Innovators

An IDC Innovators report presents a set of vendors – under $100M in annual revenue at the time of selection – chosen by an IDC analyst within a specific market that offer a new technology, a groundbreaking solution to an existing issue, and/or an innovative business model. It is not an exhaustive evaluation or a comparative ranking of all companies, but rather a document that highlights innovative companies in a specific market segment. IDC INNOVATOR and IDC INNOVATORS are trademarks of International Data Group, Inc.

  1. IDC Innovators: Food Traceability, 2024 (Doc # EUR151786124) June 2024

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