Kezzler Announces China Chief Representative and Beijing Office


by Alex

Karen Sun, China Representative & John Beerens, Head of Sales, Kezzler.

Kezzler is proud to announce the opening of our Chinese office in Beijing.

The news was shared at the AIPIA Summit in Shanghai, where Kezzler’s new Chief Representative, Ms. Karen Jing Sun was introduced.

Commenting on the announcement Kezzler’s CEO Christine Akselsen stated, “We have proven technology to fight counterfeit products in Asian markets. The Chinese market is the second-largest consumer market in the world. There are regulations initiated in China to fight counterfeiting and ensure food safety addressing the concerns of consumers. In this space, Kezzler offers solutions to companies, securing their supply chains and building trust with consumers. Our technology platform can save companies large amounts in lost revenue while keeping consumers safe.”

“With our strengthened China presence we look forward to growing our work in the region further. We are building on 16 years pioneering innovation in the industry with the objective of solving real-world problems such as unauthorized distribution, changing regulatory requirements and the need to ensure traceability and sustainability throughout the supply chain,” Akselsen added.

Kezzlers presence

The office will add to the company’s existing global network of offices in Norway, India, the USA, Singapore and the Netherlands.

The company has a long history of deploying solutions in Asia for major multinational brands. Across sectors ranging from fast-moving consumer goods and agri-inputs to pharmaceutical products and luxury items.

Through the application of unique, secure and traceable codes to every product item. Kezzler helps companies overcome unauthorized distribution and the challenges posed by counterfeit goods. As well as supporting their consumer engagement efforts. Brands that have deployed Kezzler’s solution in the region to date include Reckitt Benckiser Group and Pfizer Viagra.

Earlier this year Kezzler announced that over six billion products will carry its unique codes worldwide in 2019. With the company recording an average of four million API calls per day.

Kezzler Key Note speaker

The Kezzler team will be delivering the opening keynote address tomorrow morning at AIPIA on “How the use of unique identities empowers your business.” Kezzler’s Head of Sales, John Beerens will draw on Kezzler’s experience to demonstrate how the combination of serialization and smart packaging can solve real-world problems in the current and future market.

Kezzler China

Karen Jing Sun
China Representative
Office: +86-10-6761-9966
Tel: +86-138-0122-7428
Email: [email protected]



此次峰会伊始Kezzler首席执行官Christine Akselsen表示:“我们已经通过成功案例证明了Kezzler在亚洲市场打击假冒产品技术平台的成熟性。中国市场是世界第二大消费市场,中国政府出台了打击假冒伪劣和确保食品安全的法律法规,解决了个人消费者的担忧。在这个领域,Kezzler为企业客户提供解决方案,保护客户品牌的同时,建立品牌商与消费者的互动和信任。 我们的技术平台可以在保证消费者安全的同时,为企业减少大量因假冒伪劣产品导致的收入损失。”

“随着北京办事处的设立,我们期待着进一步扩大我们在该地区的工作,并在16年行业创新的基础上,继续解决未经授权的分销、不断变化的监管要求和确保整个供应链的可追溯性和可持续性。” Akselsen补充道。




通过对每个产品项目应用独特,安全和可追溯的代码,Kezzler帮助客户解决未经授权的分销和假冒商品带来的各种问题,并支持品牌商或厂家与消费者的高效互动。 截至到2018年底,Kezzler在亚洲已为英国利洁时集团(Reckitt Benckiser Group)和美国辉瑞伟哥(Pfizer Viagra)提供了完整的解决方案。


Kezzler 主要发言人

Kezzler团队将于明早在上海举行的《主动与智能包装行业协会(AIPIA)峰会》上发表以“如何使您的产品拥有独特的身份授权码”为主题的演讲。Kezzler的销售负责人John Beerens将利用Kezzler的经验来现场演示,如何通过序列化和智能包装的结合,解决当前和未来市场中的现实问题。

Kezzler 中国

办公室: +86-10-6761-9966
电话: +86-138-0122-7428
Email: [email protected]