Kezzler in China with Royal Family Delegation


by Joaquin Poggi

Kezzler is deploying solutions in China for major brands, from food products to consumer goods, helping companies fight multi-billion dollar counterfeiting industry and ensure food safety.

Beijing, China, – October 15, 2018 – Kezzler AS, a leader in serialization, today announced they are representing the Norwegian innovative technology and software industry in conjunction with the State visit to China by their Majesties King Harald and Queen Sonja. Norwegian businesses are being showcased in China this week as part of the Royal visit supported by Innovation Norway.

Kezzler has a long history of deploying solutions in Asia for major global brands ranging from consumer goods to pharmaceutical products, helping companies overcome unauthorized distribution and the challenges posed by counterfeit goods.

“With our proven technology to fight counterfeit products in Asian markets, we are honoured to be part of this delegation. The Chinese market is the second largest consumer market in the world. There are regulations initiated in China to fight counterfeiting and ensure food safety addressing the concerns of consumers. In this space, Kezzler offers solutions to companies, protecting their brands and building trust with consumers. Our technology platform can save companies large amounts in lost revenue, while keeping consumers safe,” said Christine C. Akselsen, CEO of Kezzler.

Kezzler are pioneers in mass serialization and have built unique competence in deploying solutions in high volume production facilities. The software platform is designed for flexibility and scale, and currently used in one of the largest commercial serialization projects in the consumer goods sector that is moving towards producing 7 billion product units a year with unique identities. The Kezzler solution is also used in the pharmaceutical industry to protect brands, track distribution and strengthen consumer loyalty, including for several of Pfizer’s brands in Asian markets.

Serialization: The Next Global Revolution in Consumer Goods Industry

Serialization is the process of assigning a unique identifier to individual products. This can be applied to a product or packaging through any kind of carrier, like a human readable code, a QR code or NFC. Most importantly, serialization enables companies to provide consumers with a way of verifying that the products they purchase are authentic. Serialization also offers brands the potential to establish complete supply chain visibility giving them the tools to track each individual unit in real time, and offers transparency for the consumer on the origins and journey of an item. The Kezzler solution can additionally be used to enable direct consumer engagement and to gather information about the market and consumer in support of increased sales, the creation of a more efficient business operation and the development of a stronger product offering.

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