Digitizing CPG products for a smarter future

Are your products smart enough to deliver on increasing regulatory requirements from authorities and increasing transparency and sustainability expectations from consumers?

Kezzler addresses these core challenges with the same single platform. Mature, scalable, and flexible it can solve any project from basic product authentication to high volume high complexity traceability scenarios.

Build trust, increase loyalty and get last-mile data

Comply with product traceability requirements

Full visibility across
product lifecycle

Stop counterfeits and detect product diversion

Benefits of Connected Products

Benefits of Connected Products

Assigning unique digital identities to your products, allows you to deliver an enhanced, personalized, and context-aware consumer experience.

A “digital twin” of the product is created in the Kezzler Cloud, storing all information about the product. Information can be shared back at any stage.

  • Full traceability from source to consumer
  • Real-time inventory check down to batch level
  • Highly efficient recall capability
  • Fulfill regulatory traceability requirements
  • Data-driven consumer insights

The increase in trust due to greater visibility accounts for a 3.3 percentage-point increase in sales

Source: 2019 paper by MIT’s Sloan School of Management on the impact of supply-chain visibility on trust and its impact on purchasing decisions by the consumer

Build trust and loyalty by sharing your sustainability story

Today’s conscious consumers are driven by a new set of demands and expectations around brand transparency and access to product information.

Communicate your ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) efforts directly to consumers through Connected Products. Share the environmental footprint for the exact product in hand together with tailored recycling instructions.

Government Reporting

The Kezzler platform enables easy reporting to authorities and government compliance via integrations and reports.

The flexible data reporting modules can be used for both internal and external purposes. An increasing number of countries are implementing traceability compliance, and our platform is ready to meet the requirements including reporting on a unit level.

Stop counterfeits and product diversion

Protect your brand against counterfeit products and unauthorized distribution by making every product unique, secure, and traceable.

Giving each product a unique digital Kezzler identity (UID) allows consumers to verify the authenticity of products in real-time and shines a light on illicit markets for brands. Protect brand reputation and revenue as well as the safety of consumers with end-to-end supply chain visibility from production to consumption.

Simplify Integrations with GS1 Standards

Kezzler Named GS1 Success Story

GS1 standards are designed to improve the efficiency, safety, and visibility of supply chains across physical and digital channels in 25 sectors. They form a business language that identifies, captures, and shares key information about products, locations, assets, and more.

Kezzler has been highlighted as a top global GS1 success story, a selected example of how businesses are successfully using GS1 standards for traceability.

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Key drivers for supply chain visibility

Internal and external drivers are driving demand for more transparency in supply chains.


  • Consumer Safety: Ensure safe, secure & genuine products are available in the supply chain for consumers
  • Consumer Engagement: Increase connectivity between consumer and the brand, creating a trusted, transparent relationship
  • Brand Protection and Differentiation: Enhanced product security, deters the entry of counterfeits and maintains the brand reputation
  • Regulations: An increasing number of regulations are emerging, like the EU digital Product Passport


  • Supply Chain Efficiency: Reveal hidden bottlenecks, for continuous improvement, eliminate waste, and improve sustainability.
  • Supply Chain Resilience: Real-time data permits timely intervention and corrective actions when required
  • Communication Silos: Trusted shared data empowers cross-functional cooperation and inter-organizational collaboration
  • Supply Chain Risks: Understanding the conditions experienced during global shipments, permits strategic planning to mitigate potential risks

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John Beerens
John Beerens

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