Kezzler’s Connected Products Platform now transactable on Microsoft Azure Marketplace


by Henrikke Sylte

The Kezzler Connected Products Platform is now available as a transactable SaaS solution on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This strategic move aims to simplify procurement processes for enterprises by providing seamless access to cutting-edge cloud services.

“Joining the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a transactable offer marks a significant milestone for Kezzler and unlocks a new way for enterprises to onboard the Connected Products Platform,” said Robert Lillefloth, Chief Revenue Officer at Kezzler. “This partnership opens up new opportunities for us to deliver value to enterprise customers, help streamline their procurement processes, and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.”

Key benefits of Kezzler’s transactable offer on the Azure Marketplace include:

  1. Streamlined Procurement: Enterprises can now discover, purchase, and deploy Kezzler’s Connected Product Platform directly from the Azure Marketplace, transacting via Microsoft which streamlines the procurement process and accelerates time-to-value.
  2. Consolidated Billing and Centralized Management: You can leverage your existing Microsoft Azure bill to pay for SaaS solutions, eliminating the need for multiple invoices and simplifying expense management. Manage and track all Azure services and SaaS subscriptions within the Azure portal. 
  3. Integration with Azure Services: Kezzler’s solutions can leverage Azure’s ecosystem of cloud services and tools to enhance their functionality, scalability, and security. Microsoft verifies SaaS solutions offered through transactable offers, ensuring they meet security and compliance standards.

Utilizing Pre-committed Azure Spend for Transactable Offers on Azure Marketplace

As enterprises continue to embrace cloud solutions and digital transformation, Microsoft offers a wide array of services and products through its Azure Marketplace. One notable feature that enterprises can leverage is Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) a pre-committed cloud spend on Azure, which provides flexibility and control over budget allocation across their cloud-based solutions. MACC offers a discount on Azure consumption, resulting in potential cost savings for organizations.

As enterprises seek to enhance flexibility, cost control, and agility needed to effectively manage their cloud investments, the Kezzler Connected Products Platform’s transactable offer on the Azure Marketplace offers a new channel to access the Platform. By partnering with Microsoft, Kezzler is making it easier for enterprises to onboard new technology.

For more information about Kezzler’s transactable offer, visit us on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace