Kezzler in Accenture Milan Industry X Innovation Center


by Henrikke Sylte

Kezzler has been invited to take part in Accenture Milan Industry X Innovation Center.

Technology is shifting fast, enabling innovation in the traditional engineering and manufacturing sectors. With a unique mix of digital experience and the most advanced technologies, Accenture has launched the Milan Industry X Innovation Center (MIXIC), the first hub in the world dedicated to innovation in large-scale industrial settings and infrastructure investments.

As part of the MIXIC ecosystem, Accenture has handpicked a group of leading global partners to showcase advancements in security, transparency, collaboration, and control enabled by technological innovation. Kezzler is proud to be among these elite companies.

Together, we will demonstrate the future of battery traceability and transparency as part of an innovation center aiming to achieve better business outcomes in the energy, infrastructure and industrial manufacturing sectors.

“Creating a space for collaborative experimentation in capital-intensive industries can help everyone in the sector take advantage of technology to innovate, build efficiencies, tap into shared best practices, and co-create value with engineers,” explains Miodrag Mitic, Principal Director at Accenture.

“Kezzler has always been about capitalizing on innovation opportunities,” says Kezzler CEO, Christine C. Akselsen. “Being selected to participate in MIXIC acknowledges this commitment to innovation and collaboration.”