Kezzler’s pioneering track record in reducing counterfeit drugs

Kezzler technology offers global pharmaceutical companies cost-effective solutions.


The pharmaceutical industry is the most mature market of serialization, largely due to the EU Falsified Medicine Directive and the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act. However, there are still no guarantees that counterfeit medicines won’t find their way to consumers.


Kezzlercodes enable companies to have a secure and scalable technology that is easily implemented into the standardized GS1 2D barcodes.

Brand Protection

Kezzler’s coding provides pharmaceutical companies with assurances of authenticity with the security and scalability required, and at a low cost.

Track & Trace

Companies can track their products through the cost-efficient application of kezzlercodes.

Consumer Engagement

Kezzlercodes enable two-way dialogue with patients and their families, building trust about the authenticity of their medicines.

Pharmaceutical specific benefits

  • Military grade encryption technology
  • Human readable, 2D barcodes or NFC
  • Significant cost-savings
  • Implementation through pre-serialized packaging
  • Handles the world largest SKUs
  • Supports relevant sensor data