Consumer Engagement

Your product is a new key touchpoint. Add a unique kezzlercode for a direct consumer relationship.

Every day our Consumer Engagement Solutions handle over 4 million API calls. That equals 2 million unique consumers interacting with the product brand via our solutions. Cut through today’s marketing noise. Deliver data-driven experiences to consumers in real time. Have a two-way dialogue, and reward them personally. Gain product insight and feedback.

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Imagine what you can do with Kezzler's mass serialisation. Putting a kezzlercode on every product connects you with your consumers. It’s a new key touchpoint for one-to-one interactions. Data-driven experiences, long-term loyalty programs and rewards, consumer insights and feedback are just some of the things made possible and highly affordable.

Implement simply through pre-serialised packaging

Use kezzlercodes in either barcodes or NFC tags

‘Always-on’ products

  • Use enhanced insight to understand your consumers
  • Cut out traditional production and logistics when running promotions
  • Tailor and modify consumer engagement on the go

On the shelf, in your consumers’ hands, in their home, during the game or just because… Capitalise on local events, or even something as unpredictable as the weather. Through constant connectivity, brands now have the opportunity to be relevant in the moments that matter, have an impact. Different value-added content can be delivered on the product itself, in real time and adjusted on the fly.

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With Amcor, a leader in flexibles and rigid plastics packaging, we enable brand owners with new ways to provide individualised and interactive experiences on the packaging. With our unique way of enabling pre-serialised packaging, together we offer an innovative solution with multiple benefits and uses.

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By using the Kezzler platform we have been able to establish a dialogue with our consumers that is unprecedented. The response rate was exceptional, we achieved significant uplift in sales and have identified key loyal users in our target audience.

AmcorMr. Laurence Juma Brand Manager, Shell Vivo


Can I use Kezzler for my sector?

Absolutely. Kezzlercodes work across all sectors, from consumer goods to industrial products; over the counter medicines to high-value prescription drugs. And no matter the number of items being coded, Kezzler is highly secure and affordable. We are able to create trillions upon trillions of codes and connections and we can see a day when every product on the planet is digitally unique and interactive.

Can I run promotions with and without retailers?

You can do both, working in cooperation with or independently of retailers. The freedom to run timely, targeted promotions when you want and when you need to – is a key advantage with Kezzler’s solution. And there are also significant cost savings to be made here.

Am I able to modify content on the go?

Different codes can link to different experiences such as loyalty programs, rewards, surveys and other content which can be changed or turned on or off with a click. On the go. It gives your brand a huge advantage, saving time and money. The brand owner has the luxury of running different promotions and different experiences all at the same time; in different areas and on different packs. And the content of these experiences can be changed in real time to capitalise on local events, or even the weather.

What are the opportunities for consumer engagement?

Through the packaging you now have a new key touchpoint and marketing channel. Adding a kezzlercode enables you to have a direct, two-way conversation with your consumers. Data and insights lets you tailor real time messages and experiences to each individual consumer, enhancing the impact of your targeting. Whether it is a long-term loyalty program, rewards, contests, new product offerings, surveys or just any value-added content, it can all be made available directly on the packaging.

What sort of consumer analytics and insights can I get?

A lot, as the channel is completely digital. Shopping habits; engagement levels; the number of scans per day (or by the time of day); valuable geolocation data; product preferences; cross-sell opportunities; and more. Once the consumer has activated the code by scanning it, the brand owner is in control of the data associated with that code. The brand owner gets the opportunity to know who the consumer is. Value-added content can be exposed based on the actual interests of the consumers themselves. And since in today’s world these interests often change, more traditional marketing can’t keep up in the same way.

What if there are no loyalty programs in place or no sales promotions?

Does that mean that the codes are empty, or you can’t use them in the first place? No. Not all brands run loyalty campaigns and you might not have rewards or promotions to give out at all times. The code can be used simply as a channel for videos, relevant recipes for the product, related products, product information such as origin etc. Even without any added content, the code will always tell consumers if a product is genuine or not.