Industry’s First Grass-to-Glass Traceability & Consumer Engagement for Infant Formula Brand, FRISO


by Alex

Friesland Campina Track and Trace
Kezzler enables FRISO to reinforce transparency and build trust with consumers

Oslo, Norway, – September 3rd, 2019 — Kezzler was selected by one of the world’s largest dairy companies, FrieslandCampina, to provide global traceability services for their top infant formula brand, FRISO. Industry-first and only smart packaging solution TrackEasy, was launched in Hong Kong during August and will be rolled out globally in China, SEA and Europe in the coming months.

The project involves the application of unique, secure and traceable identities to each tin of product. By tracking the products from milk collection, production process, quality checks, packaging to export, the solution supports confidence in FRISO infant formula by eliminating concerns regarding fraudulent products in-market and enabling the brand to engage with consumers directly.

A unique QR code is printed on the tin for traceability purposes. In selected markets, a second code will be placed inside, as a part of local loyalty and promotions programs.

The FRISO brand is manufactured in The Netherlands and sold in 25+ markets globally. As the product moves through the supply chain, data from upstream production partners, such as dairy farmers, and downstream participants, such as importers and distributors, is associated with each unit using Kezzler´s traceability solution.

Kezzler’s state of the art traceability platform is integrated with FrieslandCampina´s existing IT infrastructure and logistical systems, leaving them well-positioned for continued rollout.

We live in a world of complex, global supply chains. To properly ensure food safety, brands need to have full visibility from ingredients through to consumption for every product sold. We are proud to support FrieslandCampina in their mission to bring safe and sustainable products to consumers. I am convinced that this level of transparency will soon be expected for all consumer products.”

Christine C. Akselsen, CEO of Kezzler

The consumers can scan the FRISO products using their phone and experience the grass-to-glass journey of the exact product in hand. They can check authenticity, learn more about the product and the origin. The TrackEasy solution is integrated with China’s popular WeChat platform, allowing consumers to scan directly within the app.

Commenting on the project, Hans Wessels, Senior Project Manager at FrieslandCampina stated,

Ensuring our consumers can have full confidence in FrieslandCampina brands is paramount. This is why we have adopted Kezzler’s serialization technology to deliver supply chain visibility for our infant formula brands, as well as providing a way for stakeholders throughout the supply chain to validate their products in real-time.”



Photo © FrieslandCampina