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Your Product is a New Key Touchpoint

Enhance the consumer experience through augmented products. Build trust, increase loyalty, and instantly reward consumers by using your products as a brand owned digital marketing channel.

Communicate directly with 100% of consumers through unique, secure and traceable identities Create contextual consumer experiences, reinforcing transparency while protecting revenue and reputation.

Graph of the kezzler ecosystem, connected to the Brand Owner, the Consumer, Logistics and Production.

How it works

Engage & Communicate

Deliver augmented context-driven product experiences in real-time.

Retain & Grow

Build trust, increase loyalty, instantly reward consumers.

Incentivize Recycling

Fuel recycling by informing and/or incentivizing consumers.

Selected Modules

Kezzler Authenticate

Kezzler authentication technology, allowing a quick verification of a products authenticity.

Consumers can check product authenticity by scanning the unique code using the smartphone camera. The Kezzler Authenticate label contains a QR code and a scratch/peel off area with a hidden pin. Upon scanning the code, the consumer is directed to a landing page to insert security pin. This unlocks verification of authenticity.

Kezzler Engage

Kezzler engage technology, allowing to put loyalty programs in place.

Deliver an enhanced, personalized and context aware consumer experience seamlessly across multiple sales channels and geographies. Predominantly a program-based API-driven approach to building engagement programs with the possibility of building any UI on top of it, supporting both iOS/Android applications.

Engagement Integrations

Build engaging consumer engagement programs on top of our rich set of APIs. Easy access to customized datasets on product, batch and unit level enables you to give consumers more in-depth information about the products origin, content and journey.

Kezzler’s solution offers a flexible data set made available through customizable set of APIs with neglectable latency built to ensure the optimal consumer experience.


Detect suspicious consumer behaviour by engaging Kezzler Geofence for any products marked with UIDs. It allows clients to mark selected batches of UIDs with intended market or region. Run targeted, local campaigns for specific locations.

GS1 Digital Link

The “GS1 Digital Link Standard” makes it possible to assign different types of data to the same code. By having one code that contains all the necessary information about a product, there is no need to have multiple barcodes on a single package. Learn more

Consumer Engagement Examples

Individual scan-based insights
  • Geographical spread of consumer scans
  • Consumer interaction trends over time
  • Consumer interaction trends per SKU
  • Cross border scanning
  • Duplicate scanning and counterfeit detection
  • Alerts bades on abnormal scanning behaviour
Correlating consumer scans with other information
  • Impact of marketing activities on consumer interaction
  • Variation of interaction based on geography, production, batches etc.

Data & Analytics Solutions

Structured datasets across the supply-chain

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