Kezzler presents to GS1 consumer goods / retail sounding board in Switzerland


by Alex

GS1 Switzerland

Kezzler works closely with GS1 and we are proud to have been invited to present our Grass to Glass Traceability & Consumer Engagement project for FRISO to the GS1 Sounding Board for consumer goods/retail in Switzerland on Thursday 10th June. 

The focus of the meeting is Data Transparency in Supply Chain Management and we will share our experience of leveraging GS1 standards to deliver Grass-to-Glass Traceability for Royal FrieslandCampina and their leading infant formula brand Friso.

The sounding boards of GS1 Switzerland support the office in strategic issues relating to GS1 topics. They bring in the external views of the members helping to create impulses for initiatives and the positioning of the organization. The sounding boards are made up of GS1 member company representatives and the focus is on the GS1 standards, processes and projects in their development, dissemination, and practical application in business processes in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Kezzler CSO John Beerens will present to the board, together with Hans Wessels, senior project manager at Royal FrieslandCampina.

The FRISO project is a global GS1 case study and Kezzler is also presenting the traceability project at this week’s GS1 Connect US Digital Edition.

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