Kezzler at Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Conference


by Alex

Kezzler CEO Christine Akselsen participated in the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Barcelona this week. The event brought together business leaders and industry experts from around the world to discuss the evolving and digital future of global supply chains.

Kezzler has been working to digitalize supply chains for 16 years. Today there are more than six billion products carrying unique kezzlercodes across industries ranging from fast moving consumer goods to industrial and pharmaceuticals.

Supply Chain Visibility

Through the application of a unique, secure and traceable code to every product Kezzler’s customers are able to track every item from creation to consumption. This gives brands the intelligence, data and insight to identify operational efficiencies that can be made in the supply chain, for example by reducing inventory shrinkage and waste. Real-time logistics insights can also support improved stock control.

Critically, by ensuring visibility across the supply chain brands that adopt serialization technology are in a much stronger position to identify any potential issues, such as shipments going astray, as well as to react to problems at speed. As a result they can benefit from decreased insurance premiums and pinpoint product recall, saving money and their reputation.

Scott Farms

For example, Kezzler’s technology has helped to transform Scott Farms in North Carolina, a sixth generation family agriculture business, into a 21st century operation. Scott Farms has always been at the forefront of the US tobacco and sweet potato farming community. However, the company identified Kezzler’s serialization technology as an opportunity to once again take a leadership position in the industry. Along with the modernization of field production, the company embraced Kezzler’s cloud platform to serialize tobacco bales as an efficient solution to full value chain traceability, from sources of raw materials through finished product manufacturing and all the way to the consumer. Real-time seed-to-sale traceability, shipment tracking and production analysis were made possible with minimal infrastructure needs. At the same time, highly accurate documentation has supported the internal needs of the company’s safety management system with respect to supplier management.

Beyond Track and Trace

Elsewhere Kezzler’s serialization technology has been adopted not only to provide brands with supply chain visibility, but also for brand protection and consumer engagement purposes. The possibilities for products that have been made unique and digital are almost endless. For example, brands can use kezzlercodes as an avenue for consumer feedback, to share incentives to repurchase, and to distribute content that enhances the product experience.