Four build-versus-buy considerations

Guide to acquiring the appropriate solution for digital ID management, traceability and connected products.

Building a custom, in-house traceability solution might seem like a good idea. After all, who knows best what features and functionality your organization needs than you do?

Consider, though, that in building a custom solution, you are now responsible for future development investment, ongoing research and development, compliance and security, maintenance, bug fixes, and platform updates. In any business, this is complex and usually not the organization’s core expertise.

Organizations across industries will need a platform for digital ID management, traceability and connected products. By the time a company recognizes its need to invest in managing digital product identities, lifecycle events and dynamic interactions, the challenge is evaluating whether to invest in building or buying a solution.

This white paper discusses four build-versus-buy considerations in preparing for the future of digital ID management and connected products.

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