From Catwalk to Compliance

Digital ID and the Fashion Industry

The game has changed, for good. After decades of a linear supply chain, manufacturing garments and moving them on with no need to worry about the wardrobes and landfills filling up with unwanted clothes at the other end, suddenly the industry is under a microscope. Consumer concern gets louder every day, and governments are moving to regulate at pace. The EU Green Deal is a profound change in an industry used to burning unsold goods or selling garments designed to be worn once – but it is only one set of laws in an increasingly complex global legal environment that manufacturers have little choice but to adopt.

By implementing a Connected Products Platform and leveraging the power of digital identities, serialization, interoperability, and supply chain transparency, brands can future-proof their operations and meet the growing demands for sustainability and transparency.

Embracing connected products and innovative technologies will be essential for brands looking to stay ahead of the curve.

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