What’s new on our platform H2 – 2023

Improvements H2 – 2023

In the second part of 2023, we have worked on expanding the usability and simplicity of our redirections service Kezzler Target which allows you to create dynamic redirections and interactions for anyone scanning your QR codes. As many of our users are increasingly seeing the value of giving end customers dynamic experiences, we have received several requests to improve this service and are very happy to deliver on them in 2023.

In addition, we have made performance improvements to our platform, specifically within Dashboarding and for our Kezzler Track App.

New overview of redirections in Kezzler Target.

In our redirection service Kezzler Target we have created a simple overview of all your redirections in one place. This will make it easier to find and manage previously created redirections and get an overview of all your organization’s redirections. This has been highly requested by our users and will help improve the everyday management of redirections. 

Wizard for rule creation in Kezzler Target

In our redirection service Kezzler Target we have created a new wizard for easier establishing new rules for redirections. This allows for easier and faster creation of redirections and lets you in an intuitive step-by-step wizard create and edit rules. We have received multiple wishes for this kind of functionality and will continue to improve on the new wizard-based on feedback from our users.

Improving the performance of Analytics at very large volumes

In the Kezzler platform, we offer various analytics in the form of dashboards, reports, and exports of data. For our analytics capabilities we have worked on improving performance. With multiple technical improvements deployed recently to Analytics, we have greatly improved our performance from hundreds of millions, to billions of events.

Kezzler Track App improvements

The Kezzler Track App is used to scan and handle business process steps like registering an event. Recently we have had a high number of new users using our App as several customers and use cases of our platform grows. Because of this, we needed to improve our scaling of single sign-on to cover a much higher number of users for our App.

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