What’s new on our platform H1 – 2024

Improvements H1 – 2024

In the first half of 2024, we’ve focused on improving our capabilities within our digital link resolver. Additionally, we’re thrilled to launch a new service called API Monitor. As always, we’ve looked into how to improve our data storage and structuring to enhance performance and scalability.

New overview to monitor integrations: Kezzler API Monitor   

Our platform is highly flexible, and the API Gateway allows for easy integration setup between your different applications and the Kezzler Connected Products platform. We’ve now created a simple overview to monitor integrations, identify specific failures and exceptions, and provide options to address them.

In this screen, you see every endpoint with status indicators if something has failed.

By entering an endpoint overview, you can see every request and filter them.

When opening a request, you can see detailed information about the request, and the service lets you retry or ignore the request.

Support for sequential unique identifiers

The Kezzler platform now supports the generation of sequential unique IDs. These can conform to GS1’s format for serialized items (SGTIN) and prefixed unique IDs for assets following GS1’s format for returnable assets (GRAI/GIAI). What is GS1?

The Kezzler platform was founded on creating cryptographically generated non-sequential unique IDs. However, we recognize that there are use cases where creating sequential unique IDs is advantageous, especially when using RFID.

Enhanced scalability in storing events

We’ve now implemented an even better way of storing and structuring tracking events in our platform. This allows us to store tracking events much more efficiently, improving performance and scalability.

Improvements to Kezzler Redirect

Our digital link resolver has been improved with three new features: 

  • Setting rules by object groups in the redirection wizard
  • Using assets as the basis for redirections
  • Support for custom link types

These improvements make it easier to manage multiple rules simultaneously, in addition to being able to use more objects on which to base your redirections.

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