Four ways to win online shoppers with digitized packaging


by Alex


Ecommerce has come under the spotlight for its soaring sales performance under the extraordinary time consumers have been living through around the world lately.

The rising trend is likely to stay as part of the newcomers to online shopping will be routine shoppers after normalization(i) and share shifting to ecommerce remains at an elevated level(ii). Given this market dynamic, it becomes critical for marketers to win and engage online shoppers.

When consumers do not have the opportunity to pick up a product from the shelf and interact with it, a post-purchase digital experience is crucial. Here are four ways digitizing your product with unique codes can make a difference in the consumer’s ecommerce journey.


  1. Win trust.
    Online platforms can be a crowded place. With numerous third-party marketplace vendors, online shoppers are increasingly more aware and concerned about issues such as safety, counterfeiting(iii), product origin, shelf life, environmental issues. Online shoppers in particular would embrace a world of authentic, transparent and connected products. Giving each product its unique identity through digital codes enables brands to track the journey of each item and communicate directly to consumers the product’s provenance, ingredients, sustainability impact and so on. RunHui Agriculture is a recent example illustrating how packaging digitization can boost consumer confidence in proving product provenance and promoting sustainable farming.
  2. Build loyalty
    What’s in it for me? As many as 75% of customers report they are more likely to make a new purchase after receiving a loyalty reward (iv). Retailers are increasingly optimizing reward programs to build consumer loyalty and engagement. Shopping online offers boundless choices when it comes to what, where and how to shop; delivering value to consumers in a consistent, meaningful and convenient way can help brands unlock loyalty by building direct long-lasting relationship with consumers. Loyalty programs or incentives for recycling are easier to implement and manage with unique product coding as it turns the rewarding into a frictionless experience to consumers. Another key to loyalty in ecommerce is personalization as digitized products allow marketers to promote and communicate more effectively to individual or group of consumers. Mondelez brings gifting experience to a personal and emotional level by empowering their consumers to record and send a video message to the giftee through digitized packaging.
  3. Automate reorder
    Convenience is certainly a key driver for online shopping, but it can also be a pain point. Have you looked at how easy it is for your consumers to provide feedback, return an unsatisfactory purchase and reorder your product? The unique code of your digitized packaging serves as proof of purchase and enables easy and intuitive reordering functionality, authenticated feedback, warranty and return management processes. Additionally, marketers can use the same digitized package to direct shoppers to the ecommerce channel of choice.
  4. Optimize channel
    Product digitization enables full supply chain transparency, which allows each marketer to track and monitor channel performance and promotion effectiveness. With real-time data about consumer behavior and preferences, marketers can design and adapt their promotion programs to optimize return of investment.

When consumers do not have the opportunity to pick up a product from the shelf and interact with it, a post purchase digital experience is crucial.

The beauty of packaging digitization is that multiple objectives can be achieved through one unique code on each package, enabling a frictionless experience for consumers. As an example, FrieslandCampina achieves both traceability and consumer engagement enabled by digitized packs for infant formula products.

MaXQ by Kezzler and Amcor is a transformational end-to-end digital packaging solution that makes every single product unique, secure, traceable and interactive. MaXQ can be applied to packaging at scale; as the pre-serialized solution, MaXQ also reduces cost and complexity by centralizing unique codes application to packaging at converters or printers site.

As the way we live, shop and consume is continuously reshaped, there is an opportunity for marketers to recalibrate investment and rethink how to better engage with consumers. As you upgrade your ecommerce capabilities to win online shoppers, ask our expert team how to seamlessly integrate packaging into your consumer experience in omnichannel.

Yi Jiang

Director, Ecommerce and Business Development, Amcor

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Robert Lillefloth

Director, Partnership Sales, Kezzler
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(i) Kantar – Emerging e-Grocery Trend & Strategies

(ii) IRI-BCG – COVID-Global-Consumer-Spend-Tracker



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