Forrester study: CX drives adoption of traceability technology


by Alex

Forrester Study

Rockwell Automation, a key Kezzler partner, releases report, “Increase Brand Loyalty and Generate ROI with Improved Traceability”. Find out how traceability technology is key to CX, anti-counterfeiting, supply chain visibility, and brand loyalty.

Awareness of the need for traceability technology is beginning to reach critical mass. Product traceability leads the way for governments aiming to keep consumers safe, for consumers who want to know where their products are coming from, and for brands, who want to comply with regulations and increase brand loyalty while making the most of their resources. 

The report tapped into insights from 307 global supply chain decision-makers about their use of or interest in traceability and serialization solutions to optimize their supply chain.

A new report, conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by Kezzler’s partner, Rockwell Automation, “Increase Brand Loyalty and Generate ROI with Improved Traceability”, confirms the value of authentic, transparent, and connected products enabled by traceability. The report, which aims to understand the degree to which environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments, external regulatory demands, and brand reputation drive private-sector interest in supply chain traceability solutions, tapped into insights from 307 global supply chain decision-makers about their use of or interest in traceability and serialization solutions to optimize their supply chain.

Christine C. Akselsen CEO Kezzler

“While companies are already seeing some success from serialization initiatives, those that invest in more comprehensive traceability solutions often see improved data ownership, cost savings from reduced counterfeiting and grey market diversion, and higher customer satisfaction”

Kezzler CEO, Christine C. Akselsen

Key findings from the report include: 

  • Sustainability and visibility contribute to a better customer experience. Traceability will enable new sustainability and visibility-related CX initiatives. Sixty-two percent of survey respondents said they are using traceability data to improve the customer experience with products.
  • Traceability combats counterfeiting and diversion but murky ROI figures keep companies from investing in solutions. Forty-seven percent of companies lose 11% to 60% of sales income each year due to counterfeiting, and 89% say grey market diversion is a problem. But the lack of clear ROI prevents 45% of respondents from implementing traceability and serialization to combat these problems.
  • Full supply chain visibility, rapid and targeted product recalls, and better brand loyalty hinges on traceability. Seventy-nine percent of respondents said full visibility into their supply chain is important to their company’s success, while 78% said the same for quick and targeted recalls. Also, 77% cited brand loyalty improvement through better product management. 

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