Kezzler & Migros: Pioneering the Next Wave of Supply Chain Excellence

Migros, Kezzler
Kezzler and Migros join forces to revolutionize supply chain transparency with a new data marketplace.

We’re thrilled to announce our groundbreaking partnership with Migros, ushering in a new era for supply chain transparency with our new Supply Chain Data Marketplace. Harnessing the advanced capabilities of EPCIS 2.0, we’re poised to set new benchmarks in supply chain data management.

Together with Migros, Switzerland’s leading retailer, we’re ready to demonstrate the power of seamless data exchange that benefits businesses of all sizes. This partnership is not just about digital connectivity; it’s a leap towards unlocking unparalleled operational benefits.

Get ready for real-time transparency, enhanced efficiency, and significant cost savings. At Kezzler, we are committed to delivering insights that drive sustainable practices across supply chains. We’re not just creating a platform; we’re crafting the future of how businesses operate, championing sustainability, and enhancing collaborations across the industry.

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