FASHION360 – fashion’s new circularity ecosystem

March 7th, 2024 – Kezzler, in collaboration with Trimco Group and Tomra Textiles, industry leaders in circular technology and digital product identity solutions, proudly announces the launch of FASHION360. This groundbreaking initiative is designed to empower professionals within the fashion industry to embrace sustainability and transition to circular practices.

FASHION360 represents a shared commitment to fostering sustainability within the fashion sector. By establishing a global community of industry professionals, the initiative aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration through a series of innovative workshops. These workshops will provide valuable insights, expert advice, and practical tools to support participants on their journey towards improved circularity and compliance with regulations such as the upcoming EU Digital Product Passport (DPP).

Following the success of initial pilot events in Oslo and Munich, FASHION360 is expanding its reach with five additional events confirmed across Europe:

Camilla Mjelde, Sustainability and Compliance Director at Trimco Group emphasizes the importance of collaboration in addressing the complexities of circularity: “No one can solve circularity alone. FASHION360 aims to foster a global network of collaborators dedicated to advancing circular practices within the fashion industry.”

The alliance between Trimco Group, Kezzler, and Tomra Textiles brings together a wealth of expertise to support brands in their transition to circularity. Kezzler’s Connected Products Platform, along with Trimco Group’s ProductDNA® and Kezzler’s legacy Digital Identity technology, offers brands a comprehensive solution encompassing transparency, labeling, and digital identification.

Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe, SVP of Retail & Apparel at Kezzler, emphasizes the collaborative nature of FASHION360: “We all have a role to play in making fashion more sustainable. FASHION360 provides a platform for industry experts and brands to come together, share knowledge, and drive meaningful change.”

Vibeke Krohn, Head of TOMRA Textiles, underscores the importance of collaboration in driving a textile revolution: “Closing the gap between waste textiles and textile-to-textile recycling requires collaboration across the value chain. FASHION360 is a crucial step towards achieving this goal.”

Each FASHION360 event will feature guest contributors, including partners specializing in PLM and EPR, providing attendees with diverse perspectives and cross-functional solutions.

To join the FASHION360 movement and learn more about upcoming events, visit