Kezzler Singapore joins GS1 Singapore Solution Partner Program


by Marie Pettersson

GS1 Digital Link in the Real World

Singapore, August 4th, 2023 – Kezzler Singapore Pte. Ltd. has proudly joined the GS1 Singapore Solution Partner Program (SPP). With an unwavering commitment to meeting regional and local demands for enhanced product connectivity and enterprise-grade support, this collaboration marks a significant milestone in Kezzler’s journey to transform the landscape of consumer engagement, regulatory compliance, and value chain efficiency across the Asia region.

The Kezzler Connected Products Platform is already well-established, utilizing Kezzler Digital IDs in key markets including China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Singapore. Building upon the successful cooperation with GS1 in the USA and Norway, Kezzler is now a Solution Partner in Singapore.

The future of business rests on the ability to seamlessly comprehend the full lifecycle of products and their intricate components. For brand owners, the integration of unique digital product IDs bridges the gap between consumer preferences and brand objectives, including vital Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. However, to fully harness the power of these digital IDs and the traceability they offer, a universal language and standardized framework are essential, ensuring comprehensive data sharing and accessibility throughout the product’s lifespan.

GS1 standards are crafted to optimize supply chains’ efficiency, safety, and transparency, transcending both physical and digital realms. Functioning as a common language, these standards facilitate the identification, capture, and dissemination of critical information about products, locations, and assets, culminating in streamlined operations and heightened transparency.

Through the Kezzler Connected Products Platform, enterprises can embark on a journey of digitization, leveraging its capabilities to collect, structure, and securely share real-time value chain data on an expansive scale. This empowers companies to achieve unparalleled traceability throughout a product’s lifecycle, paving the way for regulatory compliance, augmented supply chain visibility, circular solutions, and the creation of dynamic end-user experiences.

Marie Pettersson, General Manager of Kezzler Singapore, underscored the significance of this partnership, stating: GS1 is a critical partner for us, and we are directly involved in shaping standards for the future and deploying them in customer projects. We also aim to take an active role in Asia and Singapore, where innovation and new technology adoption are happening faster than in many other parts of the world. I believe that the demand for unique and personalized consumer experiences using digital IDs has just started to pick up. And, the realization of how this technology also forms the basis for optimized supply chains, regulatory compliance, and sustainable and circular business models, will make it even more attractive.

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