Kezzler partners with Provision and DNV: Powering food traceability at scale


by Henrikke Sylte

Food traceability solution.

To help respond to the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Section 204 on food traceability, Kezzler has partnered with Provision, a technology company focused on building food safety solutions. Along with classification and certification partner DNV, Provision, Kezzler and DNV are making FSMA compliance easier for growers.

Kezzler software plugs into Provision to aggregate FSMA data from any number of growers to create a single source of truth/centralized view. This makes the all-important traceback faster and easier for companies handling fresh produce from many suppliers.

Kezzler’s US General Manager, Frederic Clulow, explained, “Kezzler partnered with Provision because it’s native to fresh produce and the most accessible tool for grower data capture. By integrating our platforms, we can connect data across entire supply chains, delivering seamless traceability for packers, processors, and retailers downstream.”

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