Kezzler participates in Digital Product Passport demo event with GS1 in Oslo


by Henrikke Sylte

Kezzler joins GS1 Norway, NF&TA, Holzweiler, Trimco Group, and Securitas on Sept. 28 at Oslo Innovation Week.

Kezzler’s leading role at the forefront of technologies supporting digital product passports (DPP) is taking center stage at Oslo Innovation Week. Along with other leaders in the apparel, sport and fashion industries, Kezzler will showcase technical solutions for DPP and textile traceability. 

As the regulatory landscape accelerates the move to end-to-end traceability for garments, digital product passports come into focus as a mandatory addition to brands’ reporting requirements. Making this work from a technical perspective demands an in-depth understanding of the intricate landscape of the textile industry as a whole. 

Kezzler, along with partners and speakers from the entire textile ecosystem, will speak on the coming regulations and how to prepare for these frameworks and the DPP, as well as provide live demonstrations of existing and upcoming technical solutions and future possibilities. 

  • Regulations, digital product passports and how the DPP affects the global textile industry and supply chain
  • Product digitization and traceability technology as an enabler of DPPs and what factors to consider when building a DPP for your brand. 
  • The importance of interoperability and technology standards in adopting traceability 

Join us at the GS1 Norway Smart Centre on Thursday, September 28th to learn more.

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