Kezzler featured in Cirpass Report on Digital Product Passport Initiatives


by Henrikke Sylte

This recognition serves as a testament to Kezzler’s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing supply chain transparency and fostering consumer trust.

The CIRPASS Consortium, a collaborative initiative funded by the European Commission under the Digital Europe Programme, aims to lay the groundwork for a standardized Digital Product Passport (DPP) aligned with the EU proposal for Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulation (ESPR). Kezzler’s prominent feature in this report highlights its dedication to the advancement of the DPP and its vision of establishing it as a vital tool for creating transparency and unlocking circularity within the European Union.

Kezzler’s Connected Products Platform, which enables companies to digitize their products and collect secure, real-time value chain data at scale, played a significant role in securing the recognition. This platform empowers businesses to achieve end-to-end traceability throughout their products’ lifecycles, ensuring regulatory compliance, enhancing supply chain visibility, enabling circular solutions, and creating dynamic end-user experiences.

As part of its participation in the CIRPASS Report, Kezzler continues to drive industry-wide conversations on the importance of supply chain integrity and harnessing the capabilities of today’s technology. By actively contributing to the development of digital product passports, Kezzler aims to assist businesses in confidently navigating the challenges posed by a globalized economy.

“We are thrilled to be featured in the CIRPASS Report, recognizing our commitment to revolutionizing supply chain transparency and promoting circular economies. At Kezzler, we remain dedicated to developing innovative solutions that empower businesses to build trust, enhance transparency, and drive sustainable practices.”

Eric Lequenne, Business Development Director of Partnerships, Kezzler

Contact us for more information about Kezzler´s Connected Products Platform and the CIRPASS Report. We look forward to collaborating with industry stakeholders, forging a future where digital product passports empower businesses to thrive in an era of transparency and circularity.