Kezzler Delivers Keynote Speech on FrieslandCampina Case Study at AIPIA World Congress


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Kezzler Delivers Keynote Speech on FrieslandCampina Case Study at AIPIA World Congress

Kezzler Delivers Keynote Speech on FrieslandCampina Case Study at AIPIA World Congress

Kezzler’s Chief Technology Officer, Johan Borg, Chief Sales Officer, John Beerens and Chief Commercial Officer, Cecilie Bergenstjerna, earlier today took to the stage at the AIPIA World Congress, the world’s leading conference for active & intelligent packaging, to discuss their practical experience of developing and implementing the FrieslandCampina TrackEasy solution.

Flexibility and Scalability of ‘TrackEasy’ Solution

When asked during the presentation what was the most important criteria for the selection of their solution provider was, FrieslandCampina’s Rob Van Stek, noted the importance of the flexibility of Kezzler’s platform and work methodology. “Kezzler’s technology has made the challenge of digitalising hundreds of thousands of individual products in the supply chain painless. Their technology promises to deliver high flexibility and scalability, with low operational burden and they have not let us down on this,” Rob Van Stek noted.

FrieslandCampina’s Hans Wessels went on to state that “Kezzler’s solution has made fast scalability possible for us with the FRISO Brand, we now are now beginning to implement the ‘Track Easy’ solution across a further 25 countries and hope to begin rolling the solution out across futher brands within the FrieslandCampina family soon too”.

Safe and sustainable products to consumers

In a world where global supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and at risk of counterfeiting, the need to ensure food safety standards has never been higher: brands must have full visibility from ingredients through to consumption for every product. Kezzler is proud to support FrieslandCampina in its mission to bring safe and sustainable products to consumers.

“FrieslandCampina’s TrackEasy solution is empowering parents to make informed decisions when making purchase, ensuring them that they are providing the best quality milk for their children, thus giving mums a peace of mind that their babies are safe,” John Beerens stated.

“There is no doubt that consumers are expecting increased levels of transparency in the origin and production of their products. Research indicates that in mainland China and Hong Kong, parents spend up to three-hours researching their infancy formula milk and 90% of them indicated that they are interested to know more about the food source of their products. In response to this increased level of expectation from consumers for product traceability, formula brands and manufacturers must now offer more visibility to product food source and supply chain management,” Beerens added.

“Our consumers are now able to experience the full journey of their Friso formula milk”, Wessels stated. “By scanning the QR code on the bottom of each tin, consumers can access the full grass-to-glass journey from the milk collection at the farm in the Netherlands, to the arrival of the product in their own country. TrackEasy also provides information on the item’s packaging date, quality checks carried out during the process and a map and information about the farm. This features a 360 ˚ view of each FRISO farms environment, real-time information on weather, temperature and recent farm and health check audits” he went on.

Kezzler’s Continued Growth in Asia

The presentation comes just a month after Kezzler announced their second Asian expansion of the year, following the company’s decision in October to appoint Pengfei Zhang as Director of Pre-sales and Delivery in their Singapore office. This expansion came just three-months after the company’s announcement of the opening of their first Beijing office.

“With our strengthened Asian presence, we look forward to growing our work in the region further. Kezzler has the proven technology to fight counterfeit products in the region and given China is the second largest consumer market in the world, it is an obvious place for us to focus our efforts,” Cecile added.

The presentation received a large applause from the audience of 200 professionals, many of whom then stayed behind afterwards to engage with representative of both companies.

Earlier this year Kezzler announced that over six billion products will carry its unique codes worldwide in 2019, with the company recording an average of four million API calls per day.

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