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Kezzler Digital ID Webinar Series: Fashion

The fashion and apparel industries are on the precipice of digital disruption.

Moving toward circular models and sustainable, traceable practices, regulators and consumers demand ever-greater granularity in the end-to-end supply chain data about apparel. 

Don’t miss the Kezzler Digital ID Webinar series on fashion and apparel to stitch together your technology roadmap to sustainable, circular, and transparent apparel supply chains.

Assigning digital IDs to garments creates traceable apparel

As the apparel industry moves toward circularity and more sustainable practices, it still produces billions of garments that need to be tracked throughout the full supply chain.

This traceability will become increasingly critical – for compliance and reporting, for consumer appeal, and for efficient and cost-effective operations and control. Existing technologies don’t meet the scale and performance requirements to reach this new frontier in traceability.

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