Brand protection against fake drugs

Pfizer fights back against fake drugs

Kezzler was chosen by Pfizer Hong Kong to provide a brand protection solution to help combat the problem of counterfeit pharmaceuticals. Following the initial implementation, Kezzler now supports Pfizer’s supply chain security and patient transparency efforts in several countries across Asia and Africa.

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As maker of one of the most heavily counterfeited drugs in the world, Pfizer projected significant revenue losses in Asian and certain African markets. Additionally, the counterfeited pills came with severe health risks, posing a threat to the Pfizer brand and consumer safety. Pfizer Hong Kong wanted a simple way for all parties to be able to verify the product in hand as being genuine, helping to eliminate concerns related to counterfeit products on the market.

Due to the threats and dangers associated with fake drugs, WHO has identified the issue as one of the urgent health challenges for the next decade.

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The application of unique, secure and traceable identities enables consumers, Pfizer, and other supply chain stakeholders to verify every pack’s authenticity. The unique identities (UIDs) can be checked with a mobile phone or online to receive confirmation that the pack is genuine. The project resulted in a 40% drop in counterfeit medications in one year and the solution was extended to cover additional product lines and countries.

Why Kezzler?

Main Reasons for selecting Kezzler for a brand protection project:

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Piet De Vriendt - Sr. Business Development Manager, Kezzler
Piet de Vriendt

Sr. Business Development Manager