Why Kezzler?

Independent, flexible specialist provider

Kezzler offers an enterprise solution independent of packaging, factory automation, and ERP providers. Our mature, scalable, and flexible platform is specifically developed for unit-level traceability and its use cases.

The platform includes working integrations towards other IT systems to ease implementation and lower operational burden. We can solve any project from basic product authentication to high volume high complexity traceability scenarios

Kezzler in numbers


years of experience
and innovation

15 bn

connected products
as of 2020

5 m

daily platform interactions on one single client’s software


countries with activated products in the market

Mature, modular platform

Real world traceability scenarios on map
Rich feature set, developed with customers

Proven in real-world scenarios, supporting a wide array of use cases and organizational setups

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Extremely scalable technology, with patented core technologies

Technological competitive advantage in massive volumes: currently used in the world´s largest commercial serialization project, with product volumes in the billions.

Scalable, patented traceability technology
Flexible traceability platform, system, carrier, code, cloud, application agnostic, RFID.
Flexible platform
  • System agnostic: Can integrate with existing IT software
  • Carrier agnostic: Any carrier: QR code, Datamatrix, NFC, RFID
  • Code agnostic: Kezzler UIDs and other vendor and goverment issued codes
  • Cloud agnostic: Amazon, Azure, Alibaba, Yandex etc.
  • Application agnostic: labels or product packaging (in-line printed or pre-serialized)
  • RESTful APIs with data transfer over JSON
  • Standards based (GS1, EPCIS, “SAP-RECADV/ASN”)
  • Gateway API: flexible business logic architecture allowing quick deployment of custom APIs

Selected Global Partners

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Find out how our cloud-based enterprise solution for product digitization and traceability can bring value to your business.

Piet De Vriendt - Sr. Business Development Manager, Kezzler
Piet de Vriendt

Sr. Business Development Manager

Experienced provider with a proven track record

Bayer logo, kezzler client.

Supporting supply-chain transparency, traceability, and enhanced affiliate management for Bayer Crop Science.

ReckittBenckiser logo, kezzler client.

Production-level coding, anti-counterfeiting and consumer validation for Reckitt Benckiser for hundreds of millions of products a year.

Friesland Campina, RFC logo, kezzler client.

Industry-first smart packaging solution, providing full end-to-end visibility for their top infant formula brand, FRISO.

A Globally Recognized Player

Hype Cycle for Supply Chain Execution Technologies, 2020
Hype Cycle for Smart City and Sustainability in China, 2020