Helping governments fight fraud and illicit trade

Kezzlercodes track products, allowing government agencies a way of protecting against loss of revenue from unpaid taxes.


Counterfeit or black market products represent a significant loss of revenue and a growing problem for government agencies worldwide. The answer? Monitoring each individual product through kezzlercodes.


Kezzler has partnered with the leading verification, testing and certification organization in the world, to help governments check that taxes on products are paid.

Brand Protection

Kezzlercodes allow government agencies to identify and remove black market products that damage consumer trust in authentic brands.

Track & Trace

Kezzler’s coding solutions allow governments to check products tracked throughout their lifecycles and throughout their distribution chains.

Government specific benefits

  • Extreme security and control
  • Geo-fencing functionality
  • Military grade encryption capability
  • Secured encryption keys
  • Full control over logistic operations
  • In-field inspection and reporting applications