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Webinar date April 27, 2023 3:00 pm
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In today’s business world we still use terms like ‘Ford Motor Company’ and ‘Nike’ and we all know what we mean - but in fact we are using shorthand to describe thousands of different companies, working in farming, spinning, dyeing, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, distribution, wholesale, marketing and retail, spread around the world, all working in tight interconnected fashion that would not have been conceivable even a few short years ago. These companies have become proficient organizers of running a brand. In a world where brands often don’t make any of their own garments, or ever sell something direct to a customer, complexity can get extremely high. The next era of supply chain management will be based on connected products that record and describe their own journey. A connected product platform we believe is a new tool that will help all participants in this big organizing undertaking. A tool fit for the job at hand. The current approach of fragile and heavy integrations on top of RDBMS is not going to work since the number of stakeholders are just to vast and suboptimal for the processes we now see emerge. Join Cyrus Gilbert-Rolfe in this webinar where he will talk through what it means when every garment is a connected products, carrying a unique symbol that can join together all of those different participants, and provide insight directly from the garment itself.

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