Technology for Food and Beverage Traceability – Kezzler Speaks with ProFood World

Kezzler has featured in an article by ProFood World that looks at the growing appetite for using technology to improve traceability and data management throughout the supply chain.

The piece follows a conversation between ProFood World Contributing Editor Renee Bassett and Kezzler CEO Christine Akselsen on recent developments in the food and beverage industry.

The article sets out the value of mass serialisation and smart packaging in terms of preventing unauthorised distribution, exposing counterfeit products and providing brands with a new channel for consumer engagement.

In the article Bassett details how Kezzler codes “enable manufacturers to build a supply chain of authentic, traceable and connected products that carry their provenance with them.” She also explains how Kezzler sees itself as complementary to blockchain technology, at the same time bringing expertise on the physical side of packaging to the table.

Kezzler’s recent project for Mondelēz brand Toblerone is also featured in the piece. During the campaign Kezzler and Amcor partnered with Mondelēz to assign Toblerone bars with a unique Kezzler code, embedded into a QR code. Consumers who scanned the code with their phone could record a special video message for their intended recipient. With the message linked to their individual chocolate bar via the secure and unique ID, the code enabled consumers to personalise their gift.

ProFood World’s article ‘Tech advances help manage data proliferation’ is available to read online at